UCFCU will be closed on Friday July 3 in observance of Independence. We wish our members and their family a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

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Why GO Direct Deposit?

  • No more waiting in line on payday.
  • No more racing to deposit your check.
  • No more worrying about depositing your check, when out of town or on vacation.

Did you know that once you have Direct Deposit…

  • You can have your UCFCU deposit split between UCFCU accounts, example: $150 to savings, $5 to your child's savings, $25 to your Christmas Club, $150 to your loan, then remaining balance to checking.
  • You can have your deposit split between checking and savings.
  • You can request to have money sent through ACH to other financial institutions (if you want a portion of your check sent to another financial institution, call us at (626)974-4447 after your first deposit is made.)

Did you know that you can have your Tax Return Deposited to your UCFCU Account?

It’s easy. We have several members that take advantage of having their federal income tax deposited to their United Catholics Federal Credit Union Account. You too can enjoy the convenience, reliability and safety of Direct Deposit.

If you choose Direct Deposit for your refund, complete the refund portion of an electronic return or on the paper form 1040 by filling in YOUR CREDIT UNION ACCOUNT NUMBER at United Catholics FCU with our ROUTING AND TRANSIT NUMBER (3222-8370-9), and the type of account – checking or savings. If you’re not sure you can call us at (626) 974-4447, a Member Service Representative will be more than happy to help you.

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